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We perfect the creation, development and delivery of consumer goods.

Navajo Incorporated is the leading provider of quality program solutions for all channels of trade.

About Navajo Incorporated
Founded in 1978

Navajo Inc. is the leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of consumer goods for all channels of retail trade. Based in Denver, Colorado, Navajo Incorporated boasts more than 42 years in business and over 300 employees.

Our in-house, innovative design team and multiple on-site manufacturing and distribution facilities allow us to embody a commitment to quality that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our Brands


Piranha & Maxx

Trial and Travel

Handy Solutions

General Merchandise

Salute / Auto Solutions


Stay Safe PPE Program

Every brand we create is made around a single principal: The right product at the perfect time. Our mission is to create every product with purpose for both retailers and consumers as we adapt and change to market trends. Our vocation is to maintain a consistent, impeccable quality of goods and services.

Our teams are made to build and expand new and existing brands with experienced product developers, logistics managers, category experts, and sales specialists that produce swift results for dynamic consumer needs.

“We Deliver the Highest Quality Brands
In the Market, For Your Market.”

Our Clients
& Partners

Retailers are more than clients – they are partners in success. By not only supporting retail operations, but bolstering consumer experiences through excellent customer service, we ensure that the relationship between our brands, the retailer, and the customer remains positive.

Our growth relies on good relationships. Working together, the customer’s satisfaction and the retailer’s success create a strong, beneficial cycle that fuels development and economic health. Join us in this cycle so we can all continue to grow.

Here’s how we support your trade:

  • Custom and Variable Merchandising for your unique stores
  • Custom Product Programs for your unique assortment needs
  • Full line programs in a variety of categories, including Trial & Travel, Mobile Electronics, Eyewear and more
  • Product Development and Importing for private label programs