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About Us

Over 40 Years of Experience 

At Navajo Incorporated, we currently have 4 distribution centers, over 350 employees, thousands of products, and our products and programs are distributed among major retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, and a variety of wholesalers and retailers across the U.S.

 “I enjoy working at Navajo Incorporated because I have creative freedom and endless opportunities. It’s a fun team to be apart of and the best part is the people I work with here.” – Mel, Branding & Digital Art Director

Conveniently located in Denver, Colorado we offer our employees a work environment that foster mentorships working with a diverse of group of people. Here your contributions will have an impact. Work at Navajo Incorporated for the opportunity to gain valuable experience and professional relationships.

Giving Back
Good Works Program

We are committed to giving back to our community. We encourage and support our employee volunteers with our Good Works program.

Our Good Works program has had success working on environmental issues, donating to veteran programs, feeding the homeless, and more.

A Little Bit
of History

In the mid-70’s he sold handcrafted jewelry made by Native American artists under the name Navajo Manufacturing, then in 1978 Gordon incorporated his growing business.

Over the years Navajo Incorporated has expanded and shifted to meet the needs of our retailers. Here are the highlights:

In 1990 we established our OTC and general merchandise product categories. In 1996 we entered the sunglasses category and shortly after expanded our product offering to include electronics. 2018 was a year of acquisitions for us – we acquired Cashco Distributions and Maxx HD Sunglasses. Most recently we were able to meet the demand created from the pandemic in 2020 by offering PPE products when you needed them most.

Today we offer a range of retail program solutions – see Our Programs for details.

* Navajo Incorporated is not part of the Navajo Nation and does not represent the Navajo Nation in any way. All Navajo Nation marks, logos, and registered trademarks are owned by the Navajo Nation. No claim is made to the exclusive use of “Navajo” outside of registered trademarks Navajo Incorporated and Navajo Manufacturing