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About Us

Navajo Incorporated Today

Every day is a fresh start at Navajo Inc headquarters. There is no product that can’t be redesigned, no process that can’t be updated. Consumers set a fast pace that the retail industry follows, and Navajo Incorporated’s job is to lead the way.

Navajo Incorporated currently has four distribution centers, over 350 employees, approximately 3,700 products, and is distributed among major retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, and a variety of wholesalers and retailers across the U.S.

From day one, Navajo Inc’s mission has been to be inventive, source ethically, support retailers, and delight shoppers. Every part of the supply chain is important, so nothing can substitute for individual care. That’s why every retailer has an assigned sales rep they can work with to cultivate the perfect program. Navajo Incorporated focuses on excellence at every stage, a process that relies on being responsive to customer feedback and strong advocacy. Navajo Inc guarantees their products and their services because the company is there every step of the way.

How Navajo Incorporated
Was Founded

In 1971, while in graduate school, Gordon Levy began a retail business selling pottery, leather crafts, and vinyl records. In the mid-70’s he sold handcrafted jewelry made by First Nation artists under the name Navajo Manufacturing. Several years later in 1978, he incorporated that home-grown business, and Navajo Incorporated* was born. The company built a broad sourcing and distribution base through partnering with local Native artisans to provide authentic, handmade jewelry to retailers across the United States. Part of the process of distributing handmade goods included sourcing silver and turquoise from the US and Mexico. Many of the jewelry styles incorporated other semi-precious gems like malachite from Africa and shells from Asia. From the beginning, Navajo Incorporated has focused on the cooperation needed to get a product from source to store and facilitated their partner’s needs.

While Navajo Incorporated no longer sells jewelry or sources products from First Nations, the company’s foundation of cooperation through manufacturing continues.

Who is Gordon Levy?

The Owner and CEO of Navajo Incorporated, Gordon grew up in California, then moved to Colorado to get his degree in 1971. Fun fact – he had a wrestling scholarship as a 2 time All American! And he remains highly active to this day, biking through the Colorado mountains and playing racquetball. Every year, he visits multiple countries to tour factories – and if he takes a few extra days to enjoy their cities and vacation spots, who can blame him?

“In every country, there’s many cultural styles that are unique among the different people there. We bring those styles back and distribute them to retailers across the U.S.” – Gordon Levy, Owner and CEO of Navajo Incorporated

– Gordon Levy, Owner and CEO of Navajo Inc

A Little Bit
of History

Exploring the world, bringing back products

As Navajo Incorporated expanded their range of products, Gordon traveled the world in search for more distinctive items to bring back to the United States. Delving deep into regions that sometimes couldn’t even be found on a map, he searched for items and artists that showcased the unique beauty of their culture. Gordon sought out braided eyewear chains from Mayan tribes in Guatemala, and sourced unique silver jewelry from the artisans of Mexico and Thailand. The 70’s and 80’s saw most of Navajo Inc’s growth as an international resource of native handmade crafts. By the 90’s, there was a demand for non-jewelry items like sunglasses and electronics that led to new source expansions in locations like Mauritius and India.

From Jewelry to General Merchandise

How Navajo Incorporated grew

Over the decades, retailers began to request a broader range of products at more affordable prices. Gordon and his team didn’t hesitate to travel wherever necessary to find the merchandise. With each new source came another demand, the ability of Navajo Incorporated employees to communicate well with international factories. To this day, Navajo Incorporated has multicultural, multilingual product sourcing and logistics teams to meet the demands of quality manufacturing.

* Navajo Incorporated is not part of the Navajo Nation and does not represent the Navajo Nation in any way. All Navajo Nation marks, logos, and registered trademarks are owned by the Navajo Nation. No claim is made to the exclusive use of “Navajo” outside of registered trademarks Navajo Incorporated and Navajo Manufacturing