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Live to the Maxx™!

We’re all adventurers in our own way, so let Maxx help your customers get out there and explore. Our sunglasses frames are made of incredibly durable plastic titanium, with HD lenses for improved clarity for avid outdoorsmen.

About Maxx Eyewear

The Maxx Eyewear™ line is devoted to raising the bar with lens and frame technology for avid outdoor enthusiasts. Loved by golfers, fishermen, cyclists and more, Maxx Eyewear™ incorporates high-definition, polarized lenses into many of our styles. Our Maxx sunglasses are tailor-made to be the ideal outdoor accessory.

Brand Highlights

All Maxx Eyewear sunglasses have a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty for full replacement!

Our polarized line is perfect for fishermen, boaters, and road enthusiasts.

The Maxx lenses include the HD style which provide greater clarity for sportsmen.

Many Maxx frames are made with Grilamid® TR90 “plastic titanium” polymer which is incredibly durable.

We have a fully-tested ANSI series with high-impact protection for motorcyclists and outdoorsmen.

Other frame and temple styles include metal, floating, bamboo, and zylonite materials.

Every pair of sunglasses is UV400 rated with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Customizable options available for product selection, service, and merchandising.

Trade and Retail Program

Our Maxx program covers any size of store that caters to the outdoors. From tiny golf shops to major retailers, Maxx has a display and assortment for all. Our sunglasses are so durable, they’re guaranteed by Maxx – ensuring your customers will always have service for their sunglasses.

  • Prepack assortments of types of sunglasses – built by us from market and POS data for your customers.
  • Checkstand to floor display merchandising systems – but customizable displays available for franchises and retail chains.
  • Customizable assortments for your demographics and locations.
  • Navajo Incorporated provides a one-stop shop for multiple categories, including mobile electronics, trial and travel, and more! Build your perfect assortment.

Our Commitment

For the love of the outdoors, for the love of adventure. Maxx Eyewear isn’t just about sunglasses, it’s about quality of life.

Our commitment to our customers is to support their rugged lifestyle. With high-quality frames, lenses that support sporting activities from golfing, fishing, biking, and motorcycle riding, as well as styles that stay classic year over year, Maxx focuses on supporting the activities that make life great. We warranty our frames because we know they’re tough. We provide the best for our customers so they can do their best at work and play. When you need a pair of sunglasses that can go the distance, come to Maxx Eyewear.