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Look and feel your best with Piranha Eyewear.

Our team is dedicated to bringing the best selections to you so whatever you are doing, you can look awesome while doing it.

About Piranha Eyewear

Piranha Eyewear wants you to look your best and feel your best. Our team is dedicated to bringing the best selections to you so whatever you are doing, you can look awesome while doing it. Our team is as diverse as our sunglass programs, and we pride ourselves in catering to all the looks. We have partnered with major retailers to understand and corner the eyewear market.

Brand Highlights

Piranha sunglasses have hundreds of different styles, an assortment of readers, sunreaders, and computer glasses.

See clearly with our polarized sunglasses line that redirects sun-glare away from the eye.

One of the largest sunglasses brands in the US, selling millions of pairs each year.

Multiple sustainable product lines include ones constructed from bamboo and recycled water bottles.

Styles are updated yearly from the latest trends in fashion and market research.

Customer service available for the entire Piranha line - we never leave your customers hanging.

Every pair of sunglasses is 100% protective against UVA/UVB radiation to prevent eye health issues.

A variety of display options and product mixes across multiple price points.

Trade and Retail Program

Piranha sunglasses are the perfect combination of value, style, and sales. Our retail program includes servicing for our displays and restock options for every size of retailer. When you need a sunglasses program that goes the distance, Piranha is the one for you. Flexible with strong sales and great products, at the end of the day, a Piranha customer is a happy customer.

  • A variety of accessories available for an additional up-sell value.
  • Hundreds of styles based on market needs and brand new fashion trends.
  • Customizable assortments for your demographics and locations.
  • Multiple merchandising options for every space – including checkstand!

Our Commitment

We promise to make you look fashionably fabulous and keep your eyes safe from the harmful rays of the sun at an affordable price so that you don’t have to break the bank to look amazing.

We love fashion, we love the outdoors and we love adventure whether it is the beach, hiking in the mountains or sightseeing in New York, we love that we can do it all stylishly. Let’s be honest, sunglasses have as much to do with attitude as they do with style. Our strength is that we can do both and we have a healthy range of styles that are interchangeable and make you look amazing for all your adventures.

We value our community. We work in partnership with local organizations to empower team members to look their best.

Introducing Our New ReVision™ Product Line

Our promise is to reduce our impact on the environment by giving single-use plastics extended life, reducing packaging, and researching new environmentally-friendly materials for our sunglass construction. This is our Eco-Pact™.

What is the ReVision™ eyewear line? These sunglass frames and temples are constructed from former PET 1 water bottles, what we call Eco-Pact plastic. Currently, the line has nine styles which are estimated to have prevented 504,000 bottles from entering landfills, and have the potential to reach 1 million bottles by the end of 2021. With this line using second-use plastics, Piranha is making a pact to create sustainable and eco-friendly products.