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Industry Leader in Consumer Electronics

89.5% of people in the US have a smartphone, and 46% say they can’t live without it. That’s why we make durable, safe products that charge and protect phones and tablets.

About Hottips! Mobile Electronics

Mobile technology is important to your customer, so it’s important to us too.

Since the mid 2000’s, our goal at Hottips is to ensure your customers have the latest, fastest, safest, and most relevant products for their devices. That’s why we include USB Type-C cables, Power Delivery chargers, Qi® wireless charging, Bluetooth™ and TWS earbuds, and IPX rated waterproof speakers in our line-up.

Our products are safety tested and certified, backed by guarantees and warranties for both retailer and consumer protection. We follow trends, not fads, so our products stay relevant to your customers. We also provide ecommerce support for retailers and customers alike. From shelf to in-line to floor display, we’ve got everything a store needs, no matter the space available.

Brand Highlights

New technology every year, based on market analytics of smartphones and electronics trends.

Quality construction that includes testing for every product that leaves the factory.

Our informative packages provide a deciding factor for shopper purchase decisions in stores.

Sustainable all-paper packaging adoption for new products and traypacks.

100% guaranteed - every item has our customer service information so we never leave them hanging.

A broad selection that’s fully customizable for demographics and compact locations.

$3000 connected equipment warranty for chargers, power supplies and cables.

A huge variety of display and merchandising options in shelf, countertop, floor displays and more.

Trade and Retail Program

Our electronics programs are built around reliability – of our products and our services. When it comes to tech, we’ve built a line from something better than trust – from testing and quality checks. When it comes to retail, we’ve built a program that is fully customizable for every size store.

  • Flexible merchandising program includes a huge array of displays and packaging types for consumer electronics.
  • Market-based analytics ensure the right products go into every assortment.
  • Our product development team proactively seeks the next major trends and adopted tech.
  • Hottips has a no-risk retail approach with guarantees, warranties, testing, and multiple avenues of communication.
  • We offer a variety of inline programs as well as floor and counter displays, with the ability to customize for your store and shoppers’ needs.

The Hottips! Mission

Technology may not be simple, but it should be easy.

Our Promise

  • We go beyond “better.” Your experience, our process, our products – we’re working to make every part awesome.
    Our Passion
  • We want to surprise you – in a good way! We focus on the moment when a good product transforms into great one.
    Our Responsibility
  • Step 1: Creating high quality products and less product waste
  • Step 2: Teaching you how to use your electronics
  • Step 3: Promoting eco-friendly solutions to designs, packaging, products, & displays.
  • Step 4: Rinse & Repeat

No matter how many steps it takes, we’re dedicated to improving our world!