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Piranha Readers Program

Piranha Readers Display

Piranha readers offers your retail locations and your customers a variety of options in styles refreshed yearly.

We can create eyewear retail programs leveraging historical data and analytical technology to increase sales.


  • Readers in men’s & women’s styles available in 6 diopters
  • Sustainable bamboo readers
  • EZBlue computer blue light blocking glasses
  • Sun readers – sunglasses with a hidden bifocal available in 4 diopters
  • Multi-focal readers

We can create displays with customer artwork or custom mixes from our Piranha sunglasses line, Maxx sunglasses or ski goggles.

We will take care of your seasonal rollouts, merchandising, reordering, distribution, shrink, and cleaning needs – our integrated service programs are easy and reliable!


Contact us to get the right sunglasses at the right time to maximize your growth.

EzBlue Computer Glasses - Piranha Readers Program