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Employment at Navajo

Why Navajo Incorporated?

We deliver the highest quality brands in the market, for your market.

Our Mission

It is our mission to perfect the creation, development, and delivery of consumer goods.

Our Philosophy

Both your business and ours succeeds through the ability to customize.

Our Promise

To be thorough in everything that we do for ideal customer service.

Learn More About Navajo Incorporated

Navajo Incorporated's growth is forged from strong relationships. Our company is built on good faith and personal responsibility. Our job is to find responsible factories, to provide sustainable pricing, and to be ethical, supportive employers. The strength of good faith we have from retailers and factories is built on the principal that we work towards the best solution for their companies’ needs, not just the most expedient or cheapest solution.

Our relationship with our factory partners overseas, our relationship to our employees who support every aspect of the company, and our relationship with our retailers form a strong, substantial foundation that has kept us going for 42 years.