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Retail Solutions

 A good reputation isn’t built in a single day; it’s built every day.

We work with you to provide great products, great prices, and high-quality store servicing so from factory to shelf, you and your consumers are satisfied.


Navajo Inc Working Together

The Secret to Success

Navajo Incorporated’s business is forged from strong relationships and great products. Our capabilities are vast and unique in the field.

We work towards the best solution to fit your needs and we do so responsibly.

We are the experts, and we are here to help you drive productive sales growth, reduce operational costs, and create the best overall value for your consumers.

Our Retail Solutions Include:

Category Management & Market Analytics

  • We provide a broad spectrum of products
  • We utilize POS data to determine assortment based on unique consumer behaviors per location
  • Building replenishment and servicing strategies

Private Label Programs

  • As a designer, manufacturer, and distributor, we partner with you to provide private label solutions
  • To learn more about our 35 years of private label experience and how this translates to growth for your brand, click here

Premade & Custom Assortments

  • We offer balanced, pre-chosen assortments we’ve constructed using category and sales data for your ease
  • For custom assortments we work directly with you to build the exact assortment you want – you can choose any product, display, and more from all our categories to the gaps on your shelves

Store-Level Servicing

  • We partner with several service providers across the United States to refresh our displays, signage, and product selection throughout regional stores 
  • POS integration to automatically ship replacements as products sell

Customized Signage, Graphics & Display Fabrication

  • We offer multiple sizes and finishes that work best with your retail needs
  • Our customized signage will allow you to stay unique

Endless Aisle Ecommerce Support

  • We support a strong omnichannel integration between ecommerce and brick and mortar stores
        • PIM/DAM system available for API integrations
        • Full dropship capabilities
        • Warehousing solutions
Navajo Inc Meets Your Needs as One Source Supplier

In everything we do our focus is getting you the right retail solutions to meet your needs.

To get more details about all the retail and trade solutions we offer contact us or reach out to your sales representative.

Why Navajo Incorporated?

We do the work so you don't have to.

Our Mission Is Simple

To perfect the creation, development and delivery of consumer goods.

Our Philosophy

Both your business and ours succeeds through the ability to customize.

Our Promise

To provide reliable solutions that make your job easier.