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Retail Solutions

Category Management

We’re here to make the process of choosing products for each category more efficient. Retail is all about the moving parts, and our company focuses on every piece of the process. Category management has many different definitions, but our definition for our retail services include the following:

  • Providing a broad spectrum of products per category
  • Creating the right merchandising vehicle for stores
  • Using POS data to determine assortment based on unique consumer behaviors per location
  • Building replenishment and servicing strategies with our retail partners
  • Working with retailers to grow sales and profit through continual review
  • Providing customer service to retail consumers for every product from Navajo Incorporated brands

Premade & Custom Assortments

Pick a Mix

You’re adding something new to the line up, and you want to try out a mix. When you don’t know exactly what you need, you can choose from balanced, pre-chosen assortments we’ve constructed using category and sale data. Check out our premade assortments here:

Choose Your Own Assortment

Every store has unique needs, because every store has a different demographic and location. Our sales representatives work directly with you to build the exact assortment you want, where you can choose any product, display, and more from all of our categories to fill the gaps on your shelves. Contact a Navajo Incorporated Sales Rep to get started!

Private Label Programs

As a manufacturer, we partner with external brands to provide product creation and packaging services. If your line is ready to branch out into a new category, we complete the products, packaging, and displays to bring that category to life. We work with you to build the program to your exact requirements so your brands can expand and your sales can grow.

Store-Level Servicing

Do your stores require a personal touch to maintain stock? We partner with several service providers across the United States to refresh our displays, signage, and product selection throughout regional stores. We also provide automatic stock refills and personalized stock requests on a store-by-store basis through our dedicated account managers and staff. Customize your stock to directly reflect what your customers need, and reorder as often as you need. With a connection to your POS system, we also automatically ship replacements as the products fly off the shelves.

Customized Signage & Graphics

You know what works best for your store. Whether you need a pop of color to liven up your aisles, or a natural complement to your rustic barn aesthetic, we can create signage that works with your retail outlet. Customized colors, sizes, shapes, and messages available for both in-line and floor displays.

Ecommerce Support

As technology provides more avenues for retailers to reach out to consumers, strong omnichannel integration between ecommerce and brick and mortar stores is an absolute requirement. Our support extends to ensuring our products are ecommerce-ready for your channels. This includes:

  • Our PIM/DAM (Product Information and Digital Asset Management) system for API integrations
  • A database of optimized imagery for webstores
  • Full product content and attributes
  • Customizable keywords and content upon request for stronger SEO
  • Ecommerce solutions for assorted SKUs upon request
  • Full dropship capabilities across all products
  • Warehousing solutions for retail partners

Why Navajo Incorporated?

We deliver the highest quality brands in the market, for your market.

Our Mission

It is our mission to perfect the creation, development, and delivery of consumer goods.

Our Philosophy

Both your business and ours succeeds through the ability to customize.

Our Promise

To be thorough in everything that we do for ideal customer service.

Learn More About Navajo Incorporated

Navajo Incorporated's growth is forged from strong relationships. Our company is built on good faith and personal responsibility. Our job is to find responsible factories, to provide sustainable pricing, and to be ethical, supportive employers. The strength of good faith we have from retailers and factories is built on the principal that we work towards the best solution for their companies’ needs, not just the most expedient or cheapest solution.

Our relationship with our factory partners overseas, our relationship to our employees who support every aspect of the company, and our relationship with our retailers form a strong, substantial foundation that has kept us going for 42 years.