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Celebrate Food with Chefware Solutions.

Good food comes from great preparation, and Chefware has the tools every kitchen needs.

About Chefware Solutions

Chefware Solutions knows the celebration of good food begins with great preparation. Our tools are made with both quality and price point in mind. With a wide variety of kitchen implements made from many different construction materials, we guarantee our products are safe and durable. Whether you’re the cook of the family or an inspiring chef, we’ve got a range of products perfect for you.

Brand Highlights

Our products are a combination of deluxe construction and great prices.

Our bamboo spoon collection is sustainable and perfect for eco-conscious cooks.

Classic products and new sustainable additions to the line cover a wide array of kitchen uses.

Non-scratch nylon cookware perfect for non-stick pans and pots to lengthen their life and use.

Our kitchen accessories are carefully chosen on category sales and market needs.

All Chefware products are fully guaranteed and supported by Navajo Inc customer service.

The barbeque selection includes durable tongs, stainless steel skewers, basting brushes and more.

Fully customizable product line, with new products available for private labels upon request.

Trade and Retail Program

On shelf, clipstrip, or pegboard options available for most products

  • A variety of accessories available for an additional up-sell value.
  • Customer service information available on every package – we never leave your customers hanging
  • Replenishment and servicing options available
  • Display customization available upon request for chain and franchise retailers

Our Commitment

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why we make the tools you can trust for every kitchen task.

Slice and dice, barbeque and fry! We’ve got the kitchen implements that will keep your customers’ cooking on the right track. Our selection of knives are available in bright colors and comfortable rubber handles. We have multiple sources for our spoons and strainers, so ask about customization. Want a packaged set? We can build a kit with all of the accessories you need for your outdoor grilling section and kitchen aisles. Our flexibility is key – we bring in the latest tools at the perfect price for every cook and kitchen.