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Reusable Containers

Our selection of reusable containers are the perfect addition to your HBW aisle.

Reusable Travel Containers Wholesale

Reusable container usage is growing among consumers and is already 10% of gross sales in the Trial and Travel category.  

With the focus on the reduction of single-use items and environmentally friendly products, our reusable containers allow you to offer products your customers want.

Safe & Compliant


All our reusable containers feature easy to read labels calling out that they are BPA-Free, TSA-Compliant, and recyclable.

Our premier line is constructed from a non-toxic all-natural antimicrobial technology, which is:


  • Hygienic, safe & sustainable
  • Made with a self-sanitizing technology using Zinc
    • Zinc is biocompatible
    • Prevents leaching & degradation – lasts a lifetime!
    • Bacteria & mold free
  • Free of nano-silver & not coated

We want to partner with you to create program and category management value. We will leverage our inventory efficiency and merchandising innovation to maximize your valuable space and drive sales.

For more details on our retail solutions click here or set up a call with your sales representative to learn more.