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Good To Go Reusable Containers and Travel Product

Shoppers are looking for more from their bottles, and the Good To Go product line provides it. These innovative trial and travel products are constructed from non-toxic antimicrobial technology. They are BPA-free, and TSA-compliant. The quality of this line from construction to pricing makes it the perfect addition to any HBW aisle.

All Natural Antimicrobial Treated Bottles

Hygienic, Safe & Sustainable

Our natural antimicrobial self-sanitizing technology uses Zinc, an essential trace element required in our daily diet. Not only is it biocompatible, it’s also absolutely safe as the products are constructed to prevent leaching and degradation. Zinc-treated surfaces become 99% bacteria free within 24 hours, ensuring your bottles stay free from bacteria and mold.

Consumer-Conscious Plastics

Antibacterial Plastic: Built-in protection against germs, biofilm, and funguses.

Treated, Not Coated: Our products aren’t coated with zinc, but rather zinc is fully integrated into the materials, which prevents substances from migrating or leaching from our products.

Biocompatible: Uses an essential trace element present in food and necessary to our daily diet, sustainable and 100% safe.

No Harmful Additives: Our Good to Go line is made without chemicals like Triclosan, quaternary ammonium salts, pyrithione, and is BPA-Free

Zinc: Our natural self-sanitizing technology has been tested and confirmed to be antimicrobial.

Durable and Reusable: Re-use these products hundreds of times! The sanitizing effect of our products is unaffected by temperature, light, water, and more.

No Nanoparticles: Due to silver’s toxicity upon inhalation or digestion, we don’t use silver or nano-silver in our products.

TSA-Compliant: This line was made to travel! The majority of the line is made in sizes 3 ounces and under, ensuring you don’t have to worry about traveling without your grooming and hygiene supplies.

Revolutionizing Trial and Travel

Reusable container usage is growing among consumers, and is already 10% of gross sales in the Trial and Travel category. The industry trend is focused on the reduction of single-use items, with growth of natural, organic, and environmentally friendly products in both the food industry and health, beauty, and wellness categories.

Manufacturing and usage aren’t the only things under a microscope when it comes to consumers. The entire product life-cycle is being redefined. Each of our Good-to-Go products is durable and maintains the self-sanitizing properties for the entirety of the life of the product. These items are also fully recyclable, and can join other plastics in regaining life as new post-recycled products.

Our Commitment

The Good To Go™ line from Handy Solutions include the products your customers need for travel, and what the environment needs for sustainability. As part of our retail partner’s eco-friendly initiatives, we are offering an entire line of products that prevent millions of single-use travel plastics from entering landfills every year.

We analyze HBW trends like reusable plastics and natural/organic products so that you don’t have to. Our full-service category management takes all of the difficulty out of stocking your Trial & Travel section, providing a simple solution for busy store managers.

We manage all categories and find solutions to your space through superior analytics and customer service

We service multiple categories within HBW, including Trial & Travel, Reusable Plastics, and full-size Multicultural Product.

From beginning to end, we are on top of every detail. The products you need at the price you can afford inside displays that generate sales – we’ve got it all. We are the full-service solution that never stops working.