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Take Handy Solutions on your life journey.

Hundreds of top brands, a wide-ranging selection of Trial and Travel, and a variety of display options make Handy Solutions the premier source of your HBW Trial and Travel selection.

About Handy Solutions

For Health, Beauty and Wellness in Trial & Travel size bottles, Handy Solutions is the premier solution. Our products are made for TSA and FDA compliance, and are carefully chosen to produce high-level sales. With hundreds of products from the top brands, packaged for multiple display options, each retailer can customize their assortment for location, demographics, and store space.

Brand Highlights

A large selection of organic and natural products from trusted and tested national brands.

Reusable plastics line Good to Go™ with sustainable, antimicrobial bottles, jars, and kits.

Popular brands from the leading companies of Colgate-Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and more.

A variety of display options including bins, dispensits, shelf displays, hang tags, clip strips and more.

A variety of travel kits for men, women, and child-care with top products and toiletries.

Fully TSA compliant products for carry-on luggage along with other travel-ready items.

Toiletries and grooming tools from A to Z with a strong selection perfect for any size of store.

The complete Trial & Travel assortment from a single-source provider

Trade and Retail Program

Handy Solutions is designed to keep inventory management simple for retailers with dispensits, displays, and clip strips. Merchandising options are easily replaced and bins are easily filled to keep up with your supply demands.

  • Our retail solutions include a variety of floor displays for bins and dispensits.
  • Assortments are created with our Smart-Mix™ program – using demographic, POS, market research, and regional data.
  • Every product is supported by Navajo Inc with our customer service information printed on every package.
  • Our Stay Safe and Handy Solutions lines are safely packaged in our fully FDA regulated facility in Denver.

Our Commitment

Handy Solutions® at Navajo Incorporated is more than a name. It’s a program that brings together hundreds of the top brands in a single location. We know your space is valuable, and we’re dedicated to finding the perfect mix for your customers to fit within it.

At Handy Solutions®, your customers are our guides. When your shoppers trust a brand, we listen and provide it. When consumers have a problem, we focus on the solution. Every person who steps into your store is on a journey, and we’re there to make the experience better.


  • We manage all categories and find solutions to your space through superior analytics and customer service


  • We service multiple categories within HBW, including Trial & Travel, Reusable Plastics, and full-size Multicultural Product.


  • From beginning to end, we are on top of every detail. The products you need at the price you can afford inside displays that generate sales – we’ve got it all. We are the full-service solution that never stops working.