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For Health, Beauty and Wellness in Trial & Travel size bottles, Handy Solutions has a premier category management program.

Trial & Travel Consumer Goods Program

Trial & Travel Program

This program brings together hundreds of top brands in a single location to reduce your workload with an all-in-one category management option to simplify your supply chain process with easy inventory procurement.

Our products are TSA and FDA compliant. These products are carefully chosen to produce high-level sales. With hundreds of products from the top brands, packaged for multiple display options, you can customize your assortment based on location, demographics, and store space.

Drive Your Sales

Knowing what products are going to sell is where we excel.

Our team leverages comprehensive data to go beyond price and products – we can assist you in driving category sales and purchase frequency by enhancing the overall shopper experience at your retail locations.

We determine what items are best for you and your retail locations by creating a customer tailored Smart Mix, based on a market data analysis for optimum sales.

There are 3 new shopper types in 2021 – want to know more? 

Trial & Travel Power Wing Display

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