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Celebrate Life with Salute! Barware

The perfect selection of accessories for wineries, breweries, liquor stores and alcohol aisles.

About Salute Barware

The perfect addition of supporting products to wineries, brewers, liquor stores, and the alcohol aisle of any retailer. With a wide variety of corkscrews, bottle openers, and party supplies, Salute! products are a great complement to checkstands and floor displays near the check-out aisle. Clip strip merchandising available.

Brand Highlights

Providing support through incremental sales and supplemental products to every retailer’s liquor section.

Product selection is carefully curated based on industry needs and retailer space.

Sustainable products including paper straws available for disposable cutlery aisles.

Party supply selection perfect for quick additions to c-store aisles or checkstands.

All products available for food service providers.

Build your program with multiple GM brands and products across Navajo Inc.

Every assortment is customizable for the needs of each business.

Merchandising is highly adaptable from shelf displays, clip strips, floor displays, and in-line assortments.

Trade and Retail Program

  • A strong assortment of wine and party accessories for food and liquor departments
  • Complete mid-priced bar and wine accessory program to enhance wine departments and provide incremental sales
  • From gift packaging, to corkscrews, to flasks, Salute! Is the convenient solution for parties, holidays, and festive occasions.
  • Customizable assortments available for every size retailer.
  • Customizable products available for private label chains and franchises.

Our Commitment

From behind the bar to the kitchen drawer, we keep you supplied with all your barware accessory needs. Wine openers, straws and party supplies, strainers, stoppers and more – we’ve got the selection your customers are looking for – the cherry on the sundae of your liquor section. Our brand is a celebration of life, and we toast to the small details that make a perfect experience.