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Stay Safe – PPE and Medical

An expansive assortment of masks, gloves, and safety travel kits to complete every retailer’s PPE aisle or checkstand offerings.

About Stay Safe PPE & Personal Medical Devices

Personal protective equipment is going to remain an expanded industry – as much of an everyday accessory as socks or sunglasses. We’re poised to grow with the market with the Stay Safe PPE product line. To meet customer demands, Navajo Incorporated has created a full personal protection equipment program for retailers. This program adheres to all the necessary government guidelines.

Brand Highlights

The Stay Safe PPE brand was launched in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several display options for in-line, on-shelf, checkstand, clip strips and floor displays.

The main focus of the brand is to provide a wide variety of travel-ready personal protective equipment and sanitizers.

Available sanitizers under the Stay Safe program include gels, liquids, wipes, and sprays.

Stay Safe has a large range of hand-sanitizers and rubbing alcohols available in bulk.

All domestic and internationally made sanitizers are registered with the FDA and produced safely.

Stay Safe has six PPE kits with re-closing bags, masks, gloves, sanitizer, lotion and more.

Stay Safe includes medical devices like thermometers, scales, air purifiers and more.

Trade and Retail Program

Stay Safe is a full personal protection equipment program for retailers to meet consumer demand for safety products. Our line is sourced from major brands like Purell and factories we’ve had relationships with for years. Our sources are both domestic and international, and adhere to all the necessary government guidelines.

  • Our retail solutions include multiple sizes of product to suit individuals, large families, and businesses.
  • With merchandising options from clip-strips to floor displays, you can fit the Stay Safe PPE line in any location of your store.
  • Every product is supported by Navajo Incorporated with our customer service information printed on every package.
  • Our Stay Safe and Handy Solutions lines are safely packaged in our fully FDA regulated facility in Denver.

Our Commitment

Navajo Inc has over 40 years of experience as a supplier for commercial goods. The Handy Solutions and Stay Safe facility is fully FDA regulated to ensure our processes are the safest possible.

We care about keeping customers safe and happy. That’s why we ensure every product is fully labeled with our customer service information, and our packaging and warehouse technology is continually updated. Efficient, minimal-touch processes ensure these products are being sent out in sterile, accurate shipments.

  • Retailers can be assured Navajo products are fully vetted, tested, and regulated.
  • Our display options built from market data provide retailers a short-cut to sales and category management.
  • Every product line is fully evaluated for sales per cubic foot every year to ensure stores are getting the best, most popular options for their customers.