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Trade Solutions

A good reputation isn’t built in a single day, it’s built every day. We work with retailers to provide great products, great prices, and high-quality store servicing so from factory to shelf, you and your customers are satisfied.

The Secret to Success

Strong relationships and great products

Navajo Inc’s growth is forged from strong relationships and great products. Our company is built on good faith and personal responsibility. Our job is to find ethical, responsible factories, to provide sustainable pricing, and to be conscientious, supportive employers. The strength of good faith we have from retailers and factories is built on the principle that we work towards the best solution for the companies’ and consumers’ needs, not just the most expedient or cheapest solution. Our purpose is to support retailers, delight shoppers, and provide consumers with products they want and need.

Retail Solutions

Category Management

Private Label Programs

Premade & Custom Assortments

Store-Level Servicing

Customized Signage & Graphics

Ecommerce Support

Product Design & Development

Product Line Construction

Custom Display Fabrication

Market Analytics

Manufacturing Forecasts


International Imports

DC Fulfillment

DSD Shipments

Dropship Management

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Warehousing and Fulfillment Technology
Adaptation Creates Growth

Neither people nor technology stand still, so we rise to the challenge by adapting to the industry, surpassing small reactionary fads, and updating our practices and efficiency through the inclusion of new systems.

In the past few years as we’ve grown, we’ve added multiple new picking systems, packaging machines, 3D printing machines, and data management systems to our company to ensure our procedures are swift and accurate.

Google Glass Visual and Hand Scanning System

Our FDA regulated warehouse uses a Google Glass enabled picking system that ensures the greatest precision technological integration can provide.

Pick-To-Light Pulling System

Our flowracks incorporate the Pick-To-Light system for a 60% increase in picking speed and inventory packing with moving belts and automated inventory counters.

3D Print Product Iteration

Our patented products are CAD designed and 3D printed to determine the most attractive, useful, and comfortable construction prior to opening product molds.

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