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Category Development

When the demand for a product surges, we’ve got the supply. As the assortment on store shelves evolves over time, we’re ready with the latest in consumer goods. By determining the catalyst for a category shift, we ensure our partners are prepared when trends change the retail landscape.

Product Design & Development


  • Identifying the need for a product and its use.

Component Development

  • Determining the components, sources, and materials required
  • Constructing and testing the components apart and together
  • Full usage and stress tests of product
  • QC system put into place for manufacturing
  • Patenting any unique technology or design

Design Development

  • Market research into colors, textures, and competitive products
  • Usability research for ease of product handling


  • Ensuring all components and materials are constructed to the required level of certifier
  • Paying costs and fees for certification, product testing and factory auditing

Customized Packaging

  • Packaging developed for the product within the brand line – determined by:
  • Brand standards
  • Effective consumer marketing practices
  • Sustainable and cost-efficient packaging materials


Step 1: We Identify Market Trends

(Example: Sustainability)

Step 2: We Identify Catalyst Products

(Example: iPhones)

Step 3: We Identify Gaps in Category

Step 4: We Research Consumer Demand

Step 5: We Build the Product Line

Step 6: We Provide Easy-Pick Product Mixes

Product Line Construction

Every product line is a spectrum of products across a specific category, based on market data that determines both items that are currently popular, and items that have been identified as an emerging or existing need. Every product within the line is selected to cover a range of prices and consumer requirements, to create a seamless retail selection across a variety of merchandising vehicles.

Custom Display Fabrication

With both in-house and external sources, our Display Fabrication team is able to design and iterate any type of display from in-line, end-cap, floor, and counter displays, constructed of any material – including metal, plastic, wood, and cardboard.
Contact us today for a quote on a line of displays for your retail chain.

  • Determining the retailer’s or store’s requirements in terms of space, type of consumer interaction, and product type
  • Designing and building displays according to:
    • Retailer’s brand aesthetics
    • Retailer’s space and storage requirements
    • Customized product mixes
    • Unique marketing and signage per retail chain or product brand

Market Analytics

Every product we create is backed by data collected from multiple resources.

  • Pulling from past market data to determine when a product will rise, peak, or fall
  • Analyzing current POS and shelf data to determine how best to support the consumer’s buying experience from merchandising vehicles to replenishment cycles
  • Providing product and category recommendations to retailers and stores based on data gathered from industry forecasts

Manufacturing Forecasts

  • Ensuring unbroken stock cycles with shelf-level servicing, automated replenishment, or customized ordering options
  • Forecasting levels of inventory required for stores based on industry data, marketing data, and POS data
  • Projecting future quarterly sales based on past and current product and industry data
  • Managing international shipments for an uninterrupted supply chain from factory to store

Why Navajo Incorporated?

We do the work so you don't have to.

Our Mission Is Simple

To perfect the creation, development and delivery of consumer goods.

Our Philosophy

Both your business and ours succeeds through the ability to customize.

Our Promise

To provide reliable solutions that make your job easier.

Warehouse, Fulfillment & Logistics

We use the latest industry technology to maximize efficiency for you with adaptable packaging and shipping options.

Additionally, we have 4 warehouse locations with abilities for: DC Fulfillment, Crossdock, DSD Shipments, and Dropship Management.

Healthcare at Navajo Incorporated

Navajo Inc's current healthcare provider is UHC (United Healthcare). In accordance with the "Transparency in Coverage" rule enacted in 2020, click the link below to be directed to machine-readable pricing data for coverage services.